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How Lean Six-Sigma Modules by Janam Sandhu
Assisting Businesses to Ascend!

JS strongly supports that adding Lean Six-Sigma to the business strategy helps enterprises to scale-up all their business functionalities and ensure an organization-wide success.


Enhanced Production Processes

Learn how to leverage the data-driven quality concept – DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) to effectively manage and improvise the production processes


Reduced Operational Costs

Understand to proficiently apply the Defects-Per-Million-Opportunities (DPMO) strategy that enables businesses to minimize production wastes and ensure lower operating costs


Boost in Customers’ Engagements

Learn to effectively implement the Cross-Functional Process Mapping (CFPM) methodology that allows businesses to streamline their processes and ensure higher customer satisfaction


Improved Workforce Retention

Explore the relevant Six Sigma strategies to identify the workforce training needs and define their career growth path that help organizations to increase employees’ retention rate


Consistent Cash Flows

Know how to effectively identify and eliminate variations in the financial processes that help businesses to improve their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and consistency in the cash flows


Increased Stakeholders’ Confidence

Enterprises must ensure that a large count of their workforce is Six Sigma certified as it assures that the organization is quality focused, and helps to win the investor partners’ trust

Why is Six-Sigma Certification a Must for Aspiring Individuals?

Six Sigma certifications enable individuals to augment their career growth by showing the commitment to strengthen their business acumen, analytical expertise, and work output.

Sustained Improvement in Business Processes

Six Sigma certified individuals can cautiously analyze the performance of their organization’s business-functions and accordingly take corrective actions

Reduced Business Risks by Eliminating Defects

Six Sigma certifications allow individuals to become crucial to their organization’s ability to identify and eliminate any functional defects or errors

Ensure Compliance

Professionals with Six Sigma certification can assist their organization in maintaining lucrative business contracts, complying with necessary standards

Bright Career Prospects

Six Sigma certifications help professionals acquiring skills, primarily required at middle and top-level managerial roles that come with higher pay-packets

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I am JS... and I am Your Six Sigma Guru!

JS is a qualified Six Sigma and Quality Management expert and has strategically designed all her online Six Sigma and Lean training sessions to ensure maximum understanding with ease. The smart learning content, including high-grade videos and educational blogs, helps learners to grasp and implement business-relevant techniques more efficiently.

JS supports that Six Sigma and Lean concepts are primarily developed to help entrepreneurs to carry out their ventures more proficiently. On analyzing the prevailing trends and exploring the ways education providers deliver Lean and Six Sigma training, she feels like their only mission is to complicate the uncomplicated.

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Know about Janam Sandhu

Janam Sandhu (Six Sigma and Management Guru) is here to teach you Lean and Six sigma in an easy to understand format and I assure you if you follow my videos and blogs you will be able to understand and implement these techniques with ease.

When I look at the six sigma and lean I feel they are such easy and wonderful techniques which have been developed to help you carry your business in simple and efficient manner but when I look at current trends and the way lean and six sigma training being carried out, I feel their only mission is to complicate things.

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