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Six-Sigma White Belt in Hindi is the world’s first ever Six-Sigma workshop designed specifically by Janam Sandhu for the Indian learners who prefer learning in their mother tongue!

Janam Sandhu precisely understands what her learners’ need. She spends her leisure time in browsing the reviews of her followers on various social channels and her website. Recently, after filtering a plentiful of reviews of her consistent Indian learners, she realized and decided to design Six Sigma workshops in Hindi as well. This innovative initiative empowered Janam’s learners to engage with her Six-Sigma training sessions more effectively.

How is Six-Sigma in Hindi Helping Learners?

Janam believes that “a learning process is a waste if it is not understood clearly.” That is the reason Janam initiated Six Sigma lectures in Hindi that helped her learners:

  • To successfully learn and grasp the Six Sigma concepts
  • To interact more openly
  • To share their concerns or suggestions
  • To efficiently meet their learning aspirations
  • To enhance their career prospects, and much more

Janam Sandhu’s Six-Sigma White Belt online training is the basic level certification workshop that thoroughly covers the fundamental Six Sigma concepts. The course includes basic techniques and tools that organizations implement to identify and eliminate operational defects thus to improve their production processes.

Six-Sigma White Belt is Suitable for

  • Professionals looking to implement relevant Lean practices in their organization
  • Candidates want to understand the basics of Six Sigma techniques
  • Management Officials seeking to improve their production processes and ensure quality output
  • Business Leaders want to implement Six Sigma program for their organization

Eligibility Criteria

There are no specific eligibility criteria to enroll for the Six Sigma White Belt Certification; however, learners must have an open mindset and zeal to learn new concepts.

Course Description

Six-Sigma White Belt workshops, by Janam Sandhu, are developed to offer the basic understanding of the Six Sigma concepts, including project performance and process improvement. As the first step of the Six Sigma learning journey, White Belt training modules are ideal for those without prior knowledge of the Six Sigma methodologies and wish to change their career path.

Six Sigma White Belt training, by Janam Sandhu, is about 6 hours to 8 hours long and include these topics - it is 18+ course.

  • Overview of Six Sigma philosophy, methodologies, approaches, and timeline

  • Introduction to variability and change management concepts

  • Six-Sigma Levels: White Belt > Yellow Belt > Green Belt > Black Belt > Master Black Belt

  • Understanding the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) and DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify) approaches

  • Understanding the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) and DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify) approache

  • Various Six Sigma Job-Roles

Certified Six-Sigma White Belt Individuals are capable of supporting the process improvement projects as either a Project Lead or as a Team Member.

Course syllabus

1. Introduction - Lean Six Sigma White Belt Preview 00:11:42
2. Topics covered Preview 00:05:22
3. Evolution of Six Sigma 00:13:22
4. History of Six Sigma 00:05:25
5. What is Six SIgma 00:41:01
6. Standard Deviation 00:15:58
7. 1.5 Sigma Shift 00:40:20
8. What Make Six Sigma Different From Other Qualit... 00:20:24
9. 3 Aspects of Six Sigma 00:37:30
10. Six Themes of Six Sigma 00:15:25
11. 6sigma vs 3sigma performance Preview 00:13:02
12. Problem Solving Formula and Cause and Effect Ph... Preview 00:19:23
13. Cause and Effect (as Tool) 00:27:34
14. Quality and Six Sigma 00:45:20
15. Six Sigma - Change Imperative Preview 00:19:59
16. Implementing Six sigma 00:12:33
17. Summary 00:04:39
18. Intro 00:05:12
19. Understanding Lean Preview 00:37:35
20. Six Component Of Lean Philosphy 00:22:45
21. Five Guiding Principles Of Lean Hindi Preview 00:35:43
22. 14 Principles of Toyota Way 00:43:39
23. Lean in services and Manufacturing 00:27:17
24. Fundamental Differences Between Services and ma... 00:30:19
25. Are All Processes Paid For 00:15:44
26. Lean is not Cost Cutting 00:16:13
27. Right Metrics is always better 00:14:35
28. Presentation (Pdf) 00:00:00
29. Lean Implementation - The Right Approach 00:15:25
30. Lean Implementation - The Right Approach (Pdf) 00:00:00
31. How to apply Lean - First Step 00:12:54
32. PDF How to apply Lean - First Step (Pdf) 00:00:00
33. Lean Implementation path Preview 00:24:13
34. Summary- Impelementation Process 00:06:07
35. Lean Six Sigma Belt System 00:29:14
36. Lean Six Sigma Journey 00:25:37
37. Lean Six Sigma Journey (Pdf) 00:00:00
38. Benefit Lean Six sigma 00:57:21
39. Part-2 Benefits Of Lean 00:27:44
40. What is Process, Business Systems and Process M... 00:18:48
41. How Processes impact business 00:17:38
42. How Processes impact business (Pdf) 00:00:00
43. Process Thinking 00:16:38
44. Process Ownership Preview 00:39:41
45. Process Repository 00:14:10
46. Process Reflection 00:11:14
47. Cocept of value 00:42:08
48. Value Added Work 00:21:12
49. Non Value Added Work 00:20:46
50. Business Value Added Work 00:07:25
51. Reporting Problems -Enhances Value 00:12:29
52. Lead Time and Throughput Time - are they same 00:10:01
53. How to use lean to impact business outcomes 00:12:09
54. How Business can provide value to the customer 00:26:23
55. How Business can provide value to the customer ... 00:00:00
56. Concept of Waste 00:22:35
57. Muda 00:12:12
58. Mura 00:46:22
59. Mura (Pdf) 00:00:00
60. Muri 00:27:31
61. Forms of Waste - Overproduction 00:39:38
62. Forms of Waste - Defects 00:32:36
63. Forms of Waste - Motion 00:16:54
64. Forms of Waste Waste of Waiting 00:26:44
65. Forms of Waste PDF- Waste of Waiting (Pdf) 00:00:00
66. Forms of Waste Overprocessing 00:20:57
67. Forms of Waste Transportation 00:39:14
68. Forms of Waste Transportation (Pdf) 00:00:00
69. Forms of Waste Underutilized skills and resourc... 00:34:52
70. Forms of Waste Inventory Hindi 00:26:45
71. Art of Observation Hindi 00:28:41
72. PDF Art of Observation (Pdf) 00:00:00
73. What Service Mean-Employee Perspective Hindi 00:24:49
74. What Service Mean-Employee Perspective (Pdf) 00:00:00
75. Ohno's Wastes-Service Context Hindi 00:23:59
76. Ohno's Wastes-Service Context Hindi (Pdf) 00:00:00
77. Service Inventory Meaning and Context Hindi 00:32:10
78. Waste in Functional services Hindi 00:00:00
79. Waste in Functional services Hindi (Pdf) 00:00:00
80. Be Aware of Waste -Sales +Marketing 00:35:32
81. Be Aware of Waste -Sales +Marketing (Pdf) 00:00:00
82. Fluctuation-HINDI 00:30:39
83. Lean Tool-Andon-HINDI 00:53:51
84. PDF Lean Tool Andon (Pdf) 00:00:00
85. PDF Lean Tool Andon (Pdf) 00:00:00
86. Lean Tool-OOE 00:00:00
87. PDF Lean Tool-OOE (Pdf) 00:00:00
88. PDF Lean Tool-OOE (Pdf) 00:00:00
89. Overview of DMAIC-HINDi 00:22:28
90. PDF Overview of DMAIC (Pdf) 00:00:00
91. DMAIC Projects 00:12:33
92. DMAIC Team Life Cycle 00:13:54
93. DMAIC-Problem-Solving Model HINDI 00:57:31
94. PDF DMAIC-Problem-Solving Mode (Pdf) 00:00:00
95. DMADV Methodology HINDI 00:14:45
96. Difference between DMAIC & DMADV HINDI 00:05:47
97. A-SMED-Hindi 00:55:45
98. B-PDF SMED (Pdf) 00:00:00
99. C-Heijunka-Hindi 00:00:00
100. D-PDF Heijunka (Pdf) 00:00:00
101. Intro 00:13:11
102. What exactly is CI HINDI 00:12:33
103. How CI Works HINDI 00:09:12
104. When to Use CI HINDI 00:10:18
105. Benefits of CI HINDI 00:08:48
106. Principles Of CI Model HINDI 00:26:43
107. Continuous Improvement HINDI (Pdf) 00:00:00
108. Introduction - PDCA HINDI 00:15:59
109. Understanding PDCA HINDI 00:20:43
110. Why use PDCA HINDI 00:44:48
111. Sucess Factors-Use of PDCA HINDI 00:16:32
112. Deming PDSA Cycle HINDI 00:09:18
113. Shewhart PDCA Cycle HINDI 00:11:59
114. A3 Problem Solving HINDI 00:20:09
115. A PDCA (PDF) 00:00:00
116. B PDCA (PDF) 00:00:00
117. Introduction HINDI 00:13:41
118. PDF Introduction -(Pdf) 00:00:00
119. Flow Chart HINDI 00:40:24
120. PDF Flow Chart -(Pdf) 00:00:00
121. Check-Sheet HINDI 00:22:36
122. PDF Check-Sheet -(Pdf) 00:00:00
123. Histogram HINDI 00:33:12
124. PDF Histogram -(Pdf) 00:00:00
125. Pareto chart HINDI 00:22:43
126. PDF Pareto Chart -(Pdf) 00:00:00
127. Scatter Diagram HINDI 00:35:03
128. PDF Scatter Diagram -(Pdf) 00:00:00
129. Control Charts HINDI 00:57:58
130. A Control Charts HINDI - (Pdf) 00:00:00
131. B Control Charts HINDI - (Pdf) 00:00:00
132. 5S-HINDI 00:57:10
133. Step-1 Sort-HINDI 01:19:37
134. A Step-1 Sort 00:00:00
135. Step-2-HINDI 00:53:13
136. A Step-2 00:00:00
137. Step-3-HINDI 00:55:55
138. A Step-3 00:00:00
139. Step-4-HINDI 00:56:48
140. A Step-4 00:00:00
141. Step-5-HINDI 00:45:04
142. A Step-5 00:00:00
143. Glossary 00:00:00
More video of 17 Hrs+ will be added soon. Complete Syllabus

Why Enroll for Six Sigma White Belt by Janam Sandhu

This Six Sigma White Belt course will enable learners to:

  • Understand the Six Sigma principles and methodologies
  • Empathize with customers’ needs
  • Define the Six Sigma projects
  • Measure the organization’s current performance
  • Identify and provide the right solutions
  • Maintain process improvements
  • Minimize waste and increase profits
  • Improve customer engagements, and more

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When I look at the six sigma and lean I feel they are such easy and wonderful techniques which have been developed to help you carry your business in simple and efficient manner but when I look at current trends and the way lean and six sigma training being carried out, I feel their only mission is to complicate things.

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