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7 Quality Tools is an online course developed for easy understanding and implementation of Quality tools for Process/Product/Service improvements. This course has been designed to equip you with tools and techniques to solve 90% of quality issues.

7 Quality Tools for quality management, an online course developed by Janam Sandhu, covers all the seven basic quality tools. This course defines the functions of the seven tools in business and quality fields. Each tool has been covered in detail. Which will make it a lot easier to implement them, and on completing this course and taking the exam, you will get the certification, which means you will be a certified professional and hence competent to train and implement seven quality tools professionally.

This course is suitable for

  • Professionals, students, Process Managers, Frontline (Gemba Workers), project managers thinking of improving their skills in quality sectors and have an interest in quality management fields
  • Students appearing in Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), Certified Quality Technician (CQT) exam, engineering, and management graduates preparing for final year exams.
  • Students anticipating for six sigma or lean sigma belt examinations (Particularly Basics, Yellow or Green belts) and PMP certifications

Eligibility Criteria

No specific eligibility criteria to enroll for the 7 Quality Tools Certification; however, you need to have an open mind-set and zeal to learn new concepts.

Course Description

As much as 95% of quality-related problems in the factory can be solved with seven fundamental quantitative tools", Kaoru Ishikawa

7 Quality Tools course, by Janam Sandhu, is designed to provide a complete understanding of the 7 Quality Tools for Process and Product improvement concepts, including process improvement and project performance, along with outlining the specific roles of various quality team members. This course serves as a foundation of problem-solving, improvements, and root cause analysis? If you are manufacturing, business, service, or quality-based professional, or do you have an interest in these fields, this course is definitely for you!

The seven tools covered in this course are:

  • 1.Cause and Effect Diagram for root cause analysis and looking for potential causes of the problem.

  • 2. Flowchart for process mapping where we study simple flowcharts or top-down flowchart for logical process flow, swim-lane maps, or deployment maps where we will study the process flow along with interrelation among the different departments and value stream maps which will give us an eagle-eye view of the process.

  • 3.Pareto chart based on 80:20 principle meaning 80 percent of results are due to 20% of the causes.

  • 4. Histogram for the visual representation of data, trends, and variations.

  • 5. Control Chart to understand how a process changes over time.

  • 6. Check sheets for collecting and organizing measured or counted data.

  • 7. Scatterplot for finding the relationship among the data.

With Over 4 Hour video content and PDF files for easy implementation.

Individuals who complete this training are capable of supporting the process improvement projects as either a Project Lead or a Team Member.

With Over 4 Hour Hindi Video Content and PDF files for easy implementation.

Course syllabus

1. Introduction HINDI 00:13:41
2. A PDF Introduction 00:00:00
3. Flow Chart HINDI 00:40:24
4. A PDF Flow Chart 00:00:00
5. Check Sheet HINDI 00:22:36
6. A PDF Check-Sheet 00:00:00
7. Histogram HINDI 00:33:12
8. A PDF Histogram 00:00:00
9. Pareto chart HINDI 00:22:43
10. A PDF Pareto Chart 00:00:00
11. Scatter Diagram HINDI 00:35:03
12. A PDF Scatter Diagram 00:00:00
13. Control Charts HINDI 00:57:58
14. A Control Charts 00:00:00
15. B Control Charts 00:00:00
16. Problem Solving Formula & C & E Philosophy 00:19:23
17. Cause and Effect as Tool 00:27:34
More video of 17 Hrs+ will be added soon. Complete Syllabus

Why Enroll for Lean FOR 7 Quality Tools by Janam Sandhu

This Lean Six Sigma White Belt course will enable learners:

  • To thoroughly understand the 7 Quality Tools principles and methodologies
  • To correctly empathize with customers’ needs
  • To accurately define the project's problems and defects
  • To assess the organization’s current performance
  • To identify and implement the right solutions
  • To sustain process improvements for long
  • To minimize waste and boost profits
  • Define and understand seven quality tools and their functions in quality.
  • How to find the problems, solutions and improve the process for future business endeavours.
  • How to extract important information from data
  • How to drive a sense of continuous improvement in an organization through quality tools.

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