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5S Methodology, an online video course comprises over 5 Hour video content and PDF resources. A complete video course that will help in implementing and conducting 5S events.

Efficient, Ergonomic, defect-free workplace – Is this what you desire? Want to implement Lean Six Sigma? The solution is simple and straightforward – Start with 5S implementation. The best course to understand, implement, and conduct 5S events, being a certified professional from Jsixsigma under the aegis of Janam Sandhu, will give you leverage. This course has been designed to empower the candidates to implement 5S a fundamental step towards lean and finally six sigma. Start the Continuous Improvement cycle with this course. Course developed in Hindi.

5S is Suitable for

  • Gemba workers (front line workers),
  • Process managers,
  • Plant managers,
  • Process improvements Specialists
  • Management Officials
  • Students

Want to improve the work area so that it becomes a solid foundation for the workplace, which is ideal to start the growth and continuous improvement cycle and get fertile soil for lean six sigma implementation.

Eligibility Criteria

No prerequisites, all you need is enthusiasm to learn something new.

Course Description

The best course to understand and implement 5S methodology. With over 5 hours of video content and reference forms that will help in conducting 5S events. Each step is explained in detail and in case you get stuck simply ask the coach, she will answer your queries and provide appropriate solutions. Optimize your workplace, make it ergonomic, efficient, defect-free and safe

  • This is a detailed 5S course, covering all the 5S steps with PDF sheets for easy implementation, this course will teach students how to organize and maintain work area so that everyone performs to best of their ability, a workplace which is efficient and without defects.

  • Each step has been discussed in detail and downloadable resources provided for easy and efficient implementation

  • Step 1 - Sort

  • Step 2 - Set-in-Order

  • Step 3 - Shine

  • Step 4 - Standardize

  • Step 5 – Sustain

5S training, by Janam Sandhu, is about 5 Hour Video Course + PDF files.

Individuals who successfully complete the 5S training and the certification exam will be certified professional.

Course syllabus

1. 5S HINDI 00:57:10
2. 2 Step 1 Sort HINDI 00:00:00
3. A Step 1 Sort 00:00:00
4. Step 2 HINDI 00:00:00
5. A Step-2 00:00:00
6. Step 3 HINDI 00:00:00
7. A Step-3 00:00:00
8. Step 4 HINDI 00:00:00
9. A Step-4 00:00:00
10. Step 5 HINDI 00:00:00
11. A Step-5 00:00:00

Why Enroll for 5S training BY Janam Sandhu

This course will enable learners:

  • To thoroughly understand the 5S Methodology
  • To identify and implement the right solutions
  • To sustain process improvements for long
  • To minimize waste and boost profits

Why this Course is Important

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About Certificate

First the Best Part! Your 5S certificate is backed by Brainmeasures – a globally renowned online pre-employment solution and training certification provider.
To get this certificate, you need to pass an online test on Brainmeasures website, however, after completing the course.

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Know about Janam Sandhu

Janam Sandhu (Six Sigma and Management Guru) is here to teach you Lean and Six sigma in an easy to understand format and I assure you if you follow my videos and blogs you will be able to understand and implement these techniques with ease.

When I look at the six sigma and lean I feel they are such easy and wonderful techniques which have been developed to help you carry your business in simple and efficient manner but when I look at current trends and the way lean and six sigma training being carried out, I feel their only mission is to complicate things.

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