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1. What are the prerequisites for Six-Sigma White Belt certifications?

The only prerequisite for training is a basic understanding of Microsoft Office products, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

2. How long does it take to complete all the Six Sigma White Belt Level?

White Belt training is two weeks with about one month gap between each week.


  • Projects can be completed and submitted online
  • Assignments will vary based on the complexity of the project and data available

3. Where can I find Janam Sandhu’s Free Six Sigma lectures online?

You can browse Janam’s website www.jsixsigma.com to find her latest no-cost lectures on Six Sigma. Alternatively, you may subscribe her YouTube Channel HERE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5MVEm2dKeYujmLAQBT4wqQ for recent uploads.

4. Do you provide Six Sigma courses in Hindi?

Yes, we are the first ever provider of Six Sigma courses in Hindi. Visit our website or reach us via e-mail at janam@jsixsigma.com or call on 1-877-962-3568 for more.

5. When will I receive the Six-Sigma certificate for my online training?

You will receive your Six-Sigma certificate on successful completion of the online training. To show that you have completed the chosen live project successfully, you may opt to add project completion certificate for an additional fee, which includes 4 (four) hours of remote assistance from a Master Black Belt.

6. How can I access the paid Six Sigma courses?

You need to register yourself on our website by filling up a quick registration form. Post the successful registration you can access all the course content by Janam Sandhu

7. What is required to attain Six-Sigma White Belt certifications?

For Six Sigma White Belt level, you must complete the training successfully along with a live project of your choice. For information reach Janam through e-mail at janam@jsixsigma.com or call on 1-877-962-3568.

8. Can I re-attempt the test, if I fail it?

You may retake the online tests as many times as required (at no additional charge) to pass your Six-Sigma online course.

9. How can Six Sigma certifications help aspiring individuals?

The Six Sigma certification supports individuals in becoming quality management and process improvement specialists and will help to enhance their professional credibility. Essentially, the Six Sigma certification validates an individual’s expertise in identifying and eliminating associated risks and defects in a business process.

10. What are the Six Sigma jobs available today?

Most in-demand job-roles for Six-Sigma certified professionals include Product Quality Assurance Manager, Process Excellence Manager, Operations Manager, Quality Manager, and many more.

11. What is Six-Sigma?

Sig-Sigma comprises techniques and tools that organizations use to identify and eliminate operational defects to improve the production processes and quality assurance.
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