Proving Value to Customer – Using Lean to create effective and efficient processes.

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Proving Value to Customer – Using Lean to create effective and efficient processes.


If your company is on the path of lean transformation and the goal is to create effective and efficient processes that help in retaining your customer base but also attain new customers or you are just starting and want to get customers' attention.

It does not matter if you are a start-up or an established brand one sure way to delight your customer is offering a Service Guarantee.


Service Guarantees are inspirational for driving operational excellence through Lean. 


What is a Service Guarantee?

An unconditional promise made to the customer assuring that pre-defined service/product delivery standards (in this context delivery is used in a wider context which means providing the service/product exactly with all features as was promised) will be met. In case of any discrepancy, the company will compensate the customer.

Example: A fast food joint promises that it will deliver all orders fresh and hot to your doorstep in 30 minutes or else the order will be on the company, no prizes for guessing, its DOMINOS pizza, and this service guarantee was a huge success and a major hit with customers.


Offering a service guarantee can be a good goal to engage a company on a lean transformation journey, though this is not the only way.


Offering a service guarantee creates pressure on how a company makes its processes efficient to meet the objectives, as they have to focus on the customer, product, and process design, ideally every aspect of what an organization does. I must add this is not easy and requires understanding and cutting across organization silos to attain the required level of excellence.


Why offer a Service Guarantee?


First and Foremost – a service guarantee differentiates an organization from its competitors and adds an extra advantage.


Second, it helps in creating a solid working engine of Lean Management.


The target of meeting customer guarantee is such a powerful tool that it integrates the whole organization towards the bigger objective of customer satisfaction and this impact drives customer-focused improvements that have a positive impact on the business of existing, potential, and dissatisfied customers.


To achieve an objective like this - the company needs techniques like lean six sigma because offering a service guarantee will require processes to be virtually pain-free, this journey facilitates cross-sectional working and offering products and services that delight the customer.


Make sure to check the attached PDF, for details.

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