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5S Implementation – Complete Course

This time I decided to launch a course on a lean tool, actually this is first tool used in lean implementation and name of this tool is 5S, it’s the foundation stone of Lean Implementation.

5S was developed in Japan to improve workplace efficiency, it is highly effective yet simple way to organize workplace and working practices, it is a methodology which is ingrained in daily work routine and the way work is carried out in the facility.

Aim of this tool is to improve workplace efficiency by eliminating waste and in lean waste word is used in elaborate terms (to be precise waste in lean is of 7 types such as Transport, inventory, motion, waiting, over-processing, overproduction and defects) and this waste is removed using the core principles of creating and maintaining visual order, organization and cleanliness and standardization.

Check detailed lecture here.

5S is implemented using 5 steps which are

  • Sort
  • Set in Order
  • Shine
  • Standardize
  • Sustain

I have covered each of these topics in detail you can check links below.






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Posted on 21 November, 2016

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Nidhi 11/09/2018

Where can one find the downloadable forms that you show at the end of your videos?

Janam Sandhu 12/09/2018
Hello, check the links - - - - - hope this helps.
Nidhi 14/09/2018
Cool! Thank you!

Aringar 13/08/2017

Very good explanations....

Antonio 10/04/2017

Good Job. I work in hospital and I appreciated it very much

Trivinia Pamel 21/11/2016

I would definately implement this,,,,thanks!!

David 21/11/2016

Hi, Thanks for posting usual wonderful...

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