What is Six Sigma?

What is Six Sigma?

When I say “what is Six Sigma”, If you have some understanding of the subject by now the definition which might have flashed and finding voice would be; “It (six sigma) is a management technique which aims to make a product or service defect free and brings down defects to 3.4 defects per million opportunities and this is done using a DMAIC methodology”, now what if I say that it’s OK if you just want to assure yourself that I am aware of what is “THE SIX SIGMA” but I would say that you have limited its scope and bound it within some fixed statistical boundaries.

So let’s just broaden our horizons and have a holistic view of six sigma and understand six sigma in ‘Statistical’ and ‘Business’, this understanding is essential if you want to actually learn what is six sigma and implement it to attain desired goals.

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Coming back to topic, six sigma is an improvement technique which is structured and disciplined designed to deliver perfect products and services on a consistent basis. It aims at improving the quality of products and services of an organization by finding and eliminating the causes of mistakes and defects in business processes.

The word sigma refers to the lowercase Greek Letter “σ” and this symbol is used by statisticians to measure variability in the process. As the numerical value of sigma increases, the number of defects in a process falls exponentially and when we say that goal of six sigma is to bring down error rate to 3.4 defects per million opportunities, in easy to understand terms it means if the same task is performed one million times under normal conditions there will be only 3.4 defects and six sigma stands for six standard deviations from mean.

Six Sigma is a business strategy which includes statistical tools, non-statistical tool, change management tool, project management skills, and teamwork skills along with a very effective methodology known as DMAIC and when applied effectively it brings wonderful results in terms of higher ROI and greater customer loyalty.

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tokalwar shashikant 21/10/2016

Hi mam I'm working in private organization and come across the six sigma yesterday and searched on YouTube find your lecture is very helpful. now I want to learn six sigma currently I'm dealing with US insurance process and willing to join banking sector within year. so what are the possible ways and what should I opt in six sigma. our company gives training for the same. please reply.

janam sandhu 23/10/2016
Hello, First, get six sigma green belt training this will give you a good foundation and then you can always modify your learning to your job requirements.

Amy Williams 18/10/2016

I was waiting for your lecture,...thanks for uploading..

Mary Norton 18/10/2016

Thanks..i clearly understand the concept now.

Joseph Clement 18/10/2016

Now i understood why we need to implement six sigma.

Robin 17/10/2016


Monahri 17/10/2016

Great explanation...thanks..

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