Are You Lean Six-Sigma Ready?

Are You Lean Six-Sigma Ready?

The global business landscape is transforming to be more customers centric, and modern enterprises are aggressively looking for appropriate strategies to increase their customer engagements. To attain this effectively, business leaders first need to identify the weak-links across their business functionalities. The primary question is HOW to identify those operational defects, eliminate waste processes, and reduce cycle time? The definite answer is – Lean Six-Sigma!

Lean Six-Sigma comprises interventions and statistical solutions which allow organizations to eliminate waste and add value to the enterprise-wide business processes.

Lean Six-Sigma (LSS) methodologies also allow businesses to:

  • Prioritize which business processes need attention;
  • Identify the root-causes or defects;
  • Improvise organizational functionalities;
  • Make operations more efficient;
  • Eliminate waste processes and recurrences, and much more.

However, to successfully implement the LSS concepts, you must be an LSS certified from the proficient institution, like JSixSigma, an online educational initiative of Brainmeasures – the leading provider of online pre-employment and skill-assessment solutions for the global enterprises and aspiring individuals.

‘JSixSigma’ is lead by Janam Sandhu (JS), a practiced Lean Six-Sigma Guru, who is helping students, professionals, businesses managers, and entrepreneurs to be a skilled Lean Six-Sigma strategist. JS offers a wide range of high-quality and informative learning content, which includes videos, educational blogs, 1-on-1 live sessions, and more.

Through this article, JS will make you understand the fundamental LSS concepts that will enable learners to identify business defects and execute relevant strategy, more efficiently.

The Levels

Before JS gets you familiarize with the LSS concepts, you must know the that Six-Sigma includes 5 (five) certifications or skill-levels, including White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. Aspiring learners may also choose to become a Lean Six-Sigma Champion who leads the organization’s Lean Six-Sigma (LSS) strategy and deployment.

The Concept

White Belt is the first level out of the five Six-Sigma levels, and primarily covers the fundamentals of Six-Sigma. Certified Six-Sigma White Belts know the basic Six-Sigma as well as LSS concepts and assist organizations on their change management initiatives. These qualified experts also participate and support the problem-solving teams on their quality management and process improvement projects.

Moreover, a White Belt professional is eligible to attain higher Six-Sigma rankings – Yellow Belt >> Green Belt >> Black Belt >> Master Black Belt – and can also become LSS Champion

Methodologies that Help Organizations to Ascend

Lean Six-Sigma concepts allow businesses to identify the process wastes and improvise the overall quality of their operational projects, while White Belts assist the project leads to ensure those desired improvements. White Belts are vital for designing Lean Six-Sigma strategies, and they support the project teams in collecting relevant data and provide valuable insights for meaningful decisions.

The best part is after getting certified for Six-Sigma White Belt professionals can opt to be a Yellow, Green, Black certifications, or even get qualified for the highest Six Sigma level – Master Black Belt.

To Sum-Up

JS strongly recommends that Six-Sigma White Belt and Lean Certification is the most appropriate way to make an organization’s employees familiar to the overall LSS methodology while thorough training provides a good start for incorporating right LSS tactics for improving business processes. JS also suggests that all five Six-Sigma Certifications vary and deliver learning to candidates into specific roles and responsibilities. Each of these certifications, however, adds value to and enhances project and business processes.

JS encourages the businesses and individuals to browse her Six-Sigma training sessions on her YouTube Channel that has already crossed One Million+ views and has 14000+ subscribers and still counting. You may also visit her interactive and educational web-portal to explore more about JS.

Let’s Try it For Yourself! Let’s Engage with JS Today!



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