Be a Lean Six-Sigma Certified and Kick-Start your Career Aspirations

Be a Lean Six-Sigma Certified and Kick-Start your Career Aspirations

Modern businesses are transforming. They are consistently improvising their operations to minimize unknown operational wastages to ensure the desired business gains. To eliminate any process waste, organizations need to understand and implement relevant Lean Six-Sigma concepts effectively into the business functionalities. To execute the right methodology, global enterprises always strive for hiring qualified and proficient Six-Sigma and Lean experts who can proficiently carry out crucial process improvisations and safeguard business operations against any undesired “hidden” wastages.

A thorough understanding of Six-Sigma strategy enables individuals to assist business owners in enhancing their processes and ensuring the least operational wastes. Getting Six-Sigma certified from a professional expert, like Janam Sandhu, can help aspiring learners to be a Six-Sigma expert and assure an excellent career start with a dream employer.

How Six-Sigma Professionals Help Businesses

Certified Six-Sigma individuals precisely understand the core Six-Sigma and Lean concepts, tools, philosophy, techniques, and methodologies, while they can efficiently assist businesses and add value to their waste management strategies in numerous ways, including but not restricted to:

  • Implementing appropriate Six-Sigma and Lean approaches across diversified functionalities of an organization, and ensure desired outcomes.
  • Identifying and executing correct guidelines for selecting, reviewing, and evaluating organization-wide Six-Sigma projects.
  • Assisting project management teams to encourage continuous process improvements, thus ensuring minimized wastes and variations in the processes.

What Six-Sigma Aspirants Learn for their Certification

Six-Sigma learners get introduced to the various Six-Sigma methodologies, including:

  • Understanding customers’ requirements
  • Minimizing waste to enhance operational performances
  • Identifying defects and interpreting current performance measures
  • Implementing correct solutions
  • Improving processes and managing projects
  • Sustaining consistent improvements, and more

Six-Sigma White Belt is the initial step for prospective Six Sigma practitioners, and is best suitable for:

  • Students interested in kick-starting their career as a Six-Sigma professional
  • Individuals keen to understand the fundamentals of Six Sigma techniques and tools
  • Six-Sigma Professionals who want to implement relevant Lean practices in their organization
  • Management Officials who are looking to improve production processes and enhance operational performances
  • Business Leaders who are considering implementing Six Sigma programs into their organization

Available Career Opportunities for Six-Sigma White Belts!

Six-Sigma White Belt certification adds an element of assured success to a candidate’s resume and enables them to impress their prospective employers. The major job-roles available for a certified Six-Sigma White Belt include:

  • Quality Assistant
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Process Line Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Continuous Improvement Engineer
  • Lead for Continuous Process Improvements, and more

About Janam Sandhu (JS)

JS is a globally recognized Six-Sigma coach since 2008 and is helping worldwide enterprises improvising their business functionalities, achieve financial goals, enhance product portfolio, and much more.

As a qualified Six Sigma and Total Quality Management (TQM) expert, JS has diligently designed all her Six-Sigma learning sessions to ensure maximum understanding to her learners, with ease. The smart learning content, including high-grade videos, educational blogs, 1-to-1 live online sessions, among others, help her learners to grasp and implement business-relevant strategies, more efficiently.

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Know about Janam Sandhu

Janam Sandhu (Six Sigma and Management Guru) is here to teach you Lean and Six sigma in an easy to understand format and I assure you if you follow my videos and blogs you will be able to understand and implement these techniques with ease.

When I look at the six sigma and lean I feel they are such easy and wonderful techniques which have been developed to help you carry your business in simple and efficient manner but when I look at current trends and the way lean and six sigma training being carried out, I feel their only mission is to complicate things.

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