Six-Sigma Strategies and Concepts – A Must for YOUR Business Success!

Six-Sigma has almost become a household statement for modern businesses around the globe. Six-Sigma methodologies and tools enable organizations to serve the diverse customer bases across different parts of the world through a host of benefits, as per the objective of usage.

The Greek Inspiration

Sigma (σ) is a Greek letter used by statisticians to represent the process variations. In a Six Sigma (6σ) environment, the variability standard gets reduced to 3.4 defects per million opportunities. Janam Sandhu, the globally renowned Six-Sigma expert, defines Six Sigma as, “the fact-based and data-driven process improvement concepts that merit defect prevention over defect detection.”

The Perfect Initiative

Moreover, as a measure of quality, Six-Sigma concept is primarily a business initiative and not a quality initiative. Six-Sigma fundamentals allow enterprises to identify and eliminate the functional defects, improvise the quality and productivity metrics, increase competitiveness, reduce operating costs, and much more.

Regardless of an enterprise’s industry or size, Six-Sigma methodologies provide a standard problem-solving approach to the organization’s Six-Sigma programs. These initiatives, however, must be implemented proficiently in the respective business function or operational unit.

Let’s Explore the WHY of Six-Sigma for Businesses

The WHY of Six-Sigma may seem like an unaware concern, but it is indeed an important subject matter, especially for those who are uninformed of the Six-Sigma concepts. For instance, if there were a way to protect your family from a disease, you would put your best to prevent your family members from getting suffered by the ailment.

Similarly, an organization’s failures are a severe epidemic that prowls. Enterprises, however, may prevent it from spreading through appropriate Six-Sigma strategies.

Always Staying Quality Focused must be the First on Catalog. Without an efficient quality and error control mechanism, businesses may get trapped by the epidemic that will start distressing the business operations. Six-Sigma concepts strive for as close as possible to perfection. These concepts keep a close vigil on numerous parameters, including skillful assessment of the products’ quality along with the processes that deliver those.

Voice of the Customer (VOC) is also an Important Factor while designing Six-Sigma methodologies for your quality management projects. Production heads must, therefore, make sure that the products’ quality and features are relevant to the customer’s needs and requirements that will help businesses in winning meaningful customer engagements.

Consistent Improvement Approach

Developing a mindset for constant improvement is the core of Six-Sigma principles. Implementing right Six-Sigma concepts help businesses in boosting customer engagements, ensuring steady cash flows, gaining stakeholders’ confidence, and more.

One of the basic yet most critical Six-Sigma fundamentals that enterprises must apply is DMAIC that stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

  • Define the problem or cause of the issue that needs a quick resolution.
  • Measure the existing business defects as a starting point for improvement.
  • Analyze and validate why the problem is prevailing using data-driven tools.
  • Improve processes through innovative solutions and eliminate the root cause of the problem.
  • Control all the implemented quality initiatives to sustain success.

The key to a prosperous business is to stay away from failures, which is possible only by identifying and eliminating defects when they are small and manageable. In this highly competitive environment, businesses need to stay healthy, and that is why Six-Sigma concepts are essential for every organization – big or small.

Through her future-proof Six-Sigma concepts, JS helps businesses to develop empowered employees that identify and drive improvement ideas. JS considers Six-Sigma as a never-ending journey that enables organizations to transform into winning excellence. It is not just the successful implementation and completion of quality projects, across various critical and non-critical functions, JS also helps organizations to develop a work-culture where leadership teams start shifting blame away from the workforce and focus more on enhancing the production processes.

About Janam Sandhu (JS)

JS is a qualified Six Sigma and Total Quality Management (TQM) expert. JS started her career as a Six-Sigma coach in the USA, and served various major brands, including Blanch Construction, Kahler Slater, Acuity, Return Path, and many more. During 2012-2013, JS worked with the World Bank and successfully trained over 700 employees for various Six-Sigma levels. In India, JS has closely worked with industry giants, including Kirloskar, Mahindra & Mahindra, along with other major national brands. Her easy-to-learn Six-Sigma concepts and learning content have enabled operational teams of various Indian companies to enhance their processes and business metrics, thus helping them excelling their overall performances.

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Posted on 08 July, 2019

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Robert D 13/07/2019

Thank you, Janam Sandhu, I am amazed you have covered the course in such detail, you truly deserve a bigger audience, I never thought this course has so much detail and the amazing part is I have already started implementing at my workplace.

Janam Sandhu 13/07/2019
Thank you

Rannon Bossidy 11/07/2019

Hi, JS thanks for this wonderful course, initially I thought that lectures you are posting on youtube is the course, but then my friend told that there is a lot more to it. Thank you again.

Janam Sandhu 13/07/2019
Thank you so much!

George Brown 10/07/2019

I love the way she presents everything, full of energy, confidence and a charming personality, I had to enroll for this course.

Janam Sandhu 13/07/2019

Rahul Palwe 08/07/2019

Great course, will recommend to all my friends, thanks.

Janam Sandhu 13/07/2019

Nancy 08/07/2019

Hello, thanks for developing such a detailed and insightful course, Love from America.

Janam Sandhu 13/07/2019
Thank you...

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