The Lean and Six Sigma White Belt Course - Section 1 Overview

The Lean and Six Sigma White Belt Course

This course is the starting point of a never-ending journey of Lean Six Sigma journey which is a quality improvement technique useful in improving business processes, products, services, and customer relationship. It is a strategy that focuses on continuous improvement.


Why Lean Six Sigma White Belt course:

On completion of this course, the candidates will have complete knowledge of the actual concepts of Lean Six Sigma and will be in a position to implement these tools and newly acquired skills effectively to become a productive employee, a business process owner or productive theme member.

Putting the Lean Six Sigma certification on your resume will make you stand out from other aspirants for the job as it shows your commitment to improving your analytical skills and business acumen.


The methodologies, tools, and concepts that will be learned as part of this course will enable the candidates to apply the strategy on the job and will help them to produce positive results for their organization.


The main aim of this course:

The concepts and techniques of Six Sigma equip us to predict the demands of the market and customers. The ultimate aim of this course would be to create empowered leaders of tomorrow who would be innovators. Innovators have the ability to think out of the box and to visualize things ahead of their times. They are in fact people who are credited with creating products or services which nobody had heard of before and making them the need of the hour. They have the power to transform any organization with their innovative ideas.

Importance of Lean Six Sigma:

Our goal for learning, understanding and implementing Six Sigma would be to develop products and services that are defect free, waste-free and variation free. Because that finally optimizes profits and customer relations which is the ultimate goal of every organization.

Six Sigma methodology and set of tools can be implemented in any kind of industry or business be it manufacturing, healthcare, finance, IT or any other kind.



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lenin 15/07/2019

Happy that I enrolled for this course, lots of lots of information available.

arvind G 11/07/2019

Very insightful... and very well presented... keep up good work..

Pankaj 11/07/2019

Very good teaching techniques with quality also a perfect topic

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Know about Janam Sandhu

Janam Sandhu (Six Sigma and Management Guru) is here to teach you Lean and Six sigma in an easy to understand format and I assure you if you follow my videos and blogs you will be able to understand and implement these techniques with ease.

When I look at the six sigma and lean I feel they are such easy and wonderful techniques which have been developed to help you carry your business in simple and efficient manner but when I look at current trends and the way lean and six sigma training being carried out, I feel their only mission is to complicate things.

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