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Hello World, this is Janam Sandhu (Six Sigma Coach by Profession) and this is my initiative to get a more interactive platform where we can discuss six sigma.

In this blog i would be discussing about various six sigma tools and their application and would be posting video lectures on YouTube (on same topic).

This is all for now and below i am leaving links to my video lectures

Posted on 05 July, 2016

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Rakesh Kumar 29/03/2018

Great Social Work you have done Ma'am. All Quality engineers will become fan of your training skills.

bahi 11/08/2017

good lecturing and can i have 7qc tool and kaizen , green productivity presentation

GOVIND KUMAR 04/11/2016



PUNNAPA SOITHONG very very clear mam , thank for lecture

Mohamed Sultan 04/11/2016

I used this lecture to study for my exam , thanks a lot.

Mathew 22/10/2016

Powerful voice and amazing presentation.

Brain 19/10/2016

I am really liking this format...very useful lectures..

Jinish patel 17/10/2016

Brilliant, keep it up, you are doing a great job.

Qin1298 13/10/2016

Thanks...i was looking for lectures on lean six sigma...very helpful...

Satya 13/10/2016

Very detailed and descriptive..

MILANO 13/10/2016

Very detailed and descriptive...thanks

Noman 13/10/2016

I am so glad i found this dedicated coaching to six sigma..i was looking for such coaching for a long time..Thanks Janam sandhu

Madhu kunchi 12/10/2016

nice ..simply excellent classes..

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Know about Janam Sandhu

Janam Sandhu (Six Sigma and Management Guru) is here to teach you Lean and Six sigma in an easy to understand format and I assure you if you follow my videos and blogs you will be able to understand and implement these techniques with ease.

When I look at the six sigma and lean I feel they are such easy and wonderful techniques which have been developed to help you carry your business in simple and efficient manner but when I look at current trends and the way lean and six sigma training being carried out, I feel their only mission is to complicate things.

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