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In this article and associated video I have covered step 1 of 5S implementation, step one of 5S implementation is called Sort and Seiri in Japanese.

Aim of this step to separate necessary items from unnecessary ones. Sorting means to sort through everything in work area. Basically this phase involves five steps i.e cleaning, classifying, ownership, red tagging and finally recycling.

The purpose of this step is to eliminate unnecessary items workplace, to check details click here.


Posted on 20 November, 2016

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Manvita Acharya about 5 months ago
your videos were very helpful for our Industry to Start 5s . I'm very much Thankful for you for guiding us in implementing 5s successfully
Vardhman about 5 months ago
Pretty informative and helpful! Thank you:-)
Hasan about 11 months ago
Where's the red tags file?
istiak about 2 years ago
i need a 5s implement form. please send me
Nikhil about 2 years ago
I have been wanting to implement various GMP techniques in my manufacturing facility and have been failing for quite some time now. Your videos have been very helpful so far. I am now starting the implementation of 5S using your techniques in my oranization. Thank you!

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